Anaheim Ducks towel invades: Terracotta Army

Submitted by: Larry J. (from Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Country: China
Province: Shaanxi
City: Xian
Location: Terracotta Army [map]
Status since photo:

The Terracotta Army is a large group of stone soldier figures created in around 210 BCE and were discovered in 1974 by farmers in Xian. The figures vary in role and appearance, and number around 9,000 in total, the majority of which are still buried. They were created as funerary art for the First Emperor of Qin around 210-209 BCE, in the hopes that the soldiers will defend him in his next life. The mausoleum's construction started in 246 BCE and required about 700,000 workers, and no two soldiers are identical. The Terracotta Army is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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