Got your own towel invasion?

Short video tutorial:

Guidelines for submission:
  • All photos must be in a .jpg format.
  • Dimensions must be at least 1024 pixels wide (for horizontal photos) or 1024 pixels down (for vertical photos)
  • Photos should be taken in a "notable" location. Examples of notable locations include:
    • historically important sites
    • airports
    • city/national landmarks
    • something considered "the biggest" (such as the biggest mall or tallest building in the country)
    • hockey-related locations
    • culturally significant sites
  • Photos can include people but please remember that this is the internet and your privacy should be a priority. I recommend a photo with only a towel and the location.
  • If the location has already been done by someone else, don't worry. Send it in anyway.
  • Anything unnecessarily obscene will not be accepted.

If you have followed the guidelines and would like to submit a photo, please send it as an e-mail attachment to buckyhermit[at] with the subject line "Ducks invasion submission." Please include:

  • Your name -- first or last name, or nickname... this is so I can credit you
  • Hometown
  • Country and city of invasion location
  • Name of invasion location
  • Short description (if needed) -- name the invasion location and say why it's notable

I reserve the right to modify or deny any submissions but if you follow the guidelines, there should be no problems.

Your e-mail address will be safe. Anaheim Ducks Towel Invasions will use it only if we need more information about your submission and to tell you when your photo(s) will be posted on the site.

Thanks, and happy invading!
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