Anaheim Ducks towel invades: China-Russia border via Mingshan

Submitted by: BuckyHermit (from Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Country: China
Country: Russia
Province: Heilongjiang, China
Oblast: Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Russia
City: Hegang, China
City: Amurzet, Russia
Location: Mingshan Scenic (from Hegang) [map]
Status since photo:

The border between the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation runs for about 4200 kilometers (2600 miles) and its current form was finalized in the Sino-Soviet Border Agreement of 1991. It was agreed upon shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union; thus most of the agreement was inherited by Russia. These photos were taken on the China side of the Amur River (the ninth longest river in the world), with the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the background; the oblast was created by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin during his nationalism campaign in which he promised to give the Jewish population of the country their own land.
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